Employee Random Selection

Diagnostic Laboratory Services can provide random selection services for your company’s drug free workplace testing program. Selection frequency, percentage and notification can be customized to your program needs. Random selection fees are based on the number of lists requested. There are no set-up and maintenance charges.

Recommended Parameters For Random Selection

  • Selection should be made by a scientifically valid and traceable method
  • The dates selected for administering random drug tests should be spread reasonably throughout the calendar year
  • To be effective as a deterrent to substance abuse, testing percentages in a calendar year should be within 10% – 50% of the pool size
  • Each employee should have an equal chance of being chosen each time selections are made
  • Each employee selected for testing should be tested during the selection period
  • Employer should ensure that random controlled substance tests are unannounced and unpredictable
  • An employee selected should report for testing as soon as possible within 32 hours

Preferred Format for Data Base Submission to DLS

  • Data base should have ID (SS#), Last name, First name, in order without column headers
  • E-mail or send via data storage disc with a Comma-Delimited (comma-separated variable, CSV) data base
  • Data bases with fewer than 40 names may be faxed to the secure DLS number 808-589-5264