Veri-5 FAQs

About the VERI-5 Personal Drug Detection Kit

Q: When would a self-administered drug test like the VERI-5 be used?
A: According to recently published surveys. Thirty-five percent (35%) of students 15 years or younger have had someone offer, sell or give them an illegal drug on school property within the past 12 months.

VERI-5 was developed to provide concerned parents with a means of helping them identify and/or monitor a potential problem.

Q: How can I be sure the results are accurate?
A: Accuracy is ensured by having the sample tested in a laboratory licensed by the State of Hawaii for Toxicology Testing, such as DLS. We have specially trained Toxicologists and specialized personnel who are experts in their field who are responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of results.

VERI-5 may provide answers to either confirm or dispel substance abuse and can be used as a deterrent to teens subjected to daily peer pressure.

Q: What do I need to do to get a drug test performed?
A: You may purchase a VERI-5 Personal Drug Detection Kit at various DLS Satellite Locations or at any Longs Drug Store in Hawaii. Collect a urine sample as instructed and deliver the sample to a DLS location for testing. You do not need a physician/health care provider’s order to purchase the kit.

Q: How are the results kept confidential and how long does it take to get them?
A: Confidential test results are available by calling a dedicated phone number and providing the Personal Identification Number (PIN) included in each kit. Results are typically available within one business day of being dropped off at a DLS Satellite Location. (VERI-5 testing is not available on weekends or on holidays).

Q: What if the test results are “positive”?
A: If a “positive” test result is received, the individual is encouraged to seek professional consultation through a private physician and/or a substance abuse counseling service.

Q: What if the results are “negative”?
A: A “Negative” test result does not necessarily mean that the individual is free of drugs. It shows that there was no presence of the five (5) drugs that the VERI-5 screens for. If the individual continues to exhibit unusual or atypical behavior, a second test or consultation with a substance abuse professional may be needed.

For more information, call VERI-5 at 808-589-5282 or 800-655-4176 ext. 5282.