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Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DLS) will generate and submit a claim to your primary and secondary insurance carrier. To ensure timely and accurate insurance filing it is important DLS receives or verify ALL your correct information which includes your address, telephone number and valid insurance information at the time of service.

The following information is required for single or dual insurance coverage.

  • Health Plan Name
  • Health plan address and telephone number or copy of insurance card (front & back).
  • Subscriber/Membership name
  • Subscriber/Membership ID number

Participating Health Insurance Plans *requires front & back copy of card*


 AARP Kaiser Added Choice
 Aetna (PPO)* Kaiser Quest
 AIU Kaiser Senior
 Aloha Care Quest Kaiser Health (Kauai Residents Only)
 Aloha Care Advantage Mail Handlers
 BC Life & Health Medicaid (ACS)
 Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare
 Calvo’s (Select Care) Netcare Life & Health
 Champ VA No Fault Insurance*
 CIGNA (PPO)* Ohana Quest
 Connecticut General Life (PPO)* Pacific Care
 Deseret Healthcare Pacific Administrators
 Deseret Mutual Plumber & Fitters Medical Plan
 Evercare MDX Hawaii
 Evercare Quest Railroad Medicare
 Guam Medicaid Secure Horizon
 Guam MIP Staywell (Island Home Insurance)
 Health Net (PPO) TakeCare Insurance Company
 Hawaii Electrician Health & Welfare Fund Tricare for Life
 Hawaii Management Alliance Association Triwest
 HMA, Inc United Healthcare*
 HMSA University Health Alliance
 HMSA Akamai Advantage Veterans Administration
 HMSA Federal Employee Workers Compensation*
 HMSA Quest Wellcare

Disclaimer : If your health plan is not listed please contact your insurance carrier to verify participation.Medicare Advantage Plans are health plan options that are approved by Medicare and administered by private companies; this is accepted by Diagnostic Laboratory Services Inc.Patient Financial ResponsibilityPlease refer to your plan benefit or contact your insurance carrier on the following.

  • Lab test(s) ordered by a Naturopathic physician may not be covered by your plan
  • Some lab test(s) require a referral and/or pre-authorization.
  • Lab test(s) deemed experimental and /or investigational by your insurance is the responsibility of the patient.
  • Patient is responsible for Co-Payment and deductible.

DLS Payment Policy

  • Payment is due upon receipt of the billing statement. Deductibles, co-payments and non-covered/investigational testing are the responsibility of the patient.
  • • We would be happy to work with you if you are experiencing difficulty in paying your bill.

How to Make a PaymentDiagnostic Laboratory Services accepts payment made by cash, personal check, money order or credit cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Debit cards with the VISA and MasterCard logo are also accepted. Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Online: You may pay by credit or debit card online through our secured website Here.
  • Mail: Use the return envelope provided with your billing statement to make a payment by check, money order or credit card. DO NOT send cash by mail.
  • Phone: Credit and debit card payment can be made by calling one of our Patient Services Representative at (808) 589-5102, neighbor islands (1-800-655-4176), or Outside of Hawaii (1-800) 555-2357.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the hours of the Business Services (Billing) Department?
A: 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday Hawaii Standard Time.

Q: How can I contact the Billing Department if I have a question regarding my bill?
A: Oahu: (808) 589-5102 Neighbor Islands: (1-800) 655-4176 Outside of Hawaii: (1-800) 555-2357

Q: What is an Accession ID?
A: An accession ID is a unique number that is generated by the computer and is assigned to your specimen collected by the date and time of collection. This accession ID number is used to provide your physician with the lab results and is also used for billing purposes. Each encounter for specimen collected is assigned its own accession number.

Q: Can I update my address and insurance information in the Patient Portal?
A: At this time, No the system does not accept any changes/updates to your address or insuranceInformation.

Q: Did my insurance carrier make a payment?
A: Under the DESCRIPTION column of your DLS statement will haveyour insurance name with a corresponding amount of payment listed on the sameline under the PAYMENT column. You may also refer to your explanation of memberbenefit report sent to you by your insurance.

Q: What if I don’t have insurance or my insurance doesn’t cover a test?
A: Diagnostic Laboratory Services offers a discount at the time of service for patients without insurance and for non-covered tests. This payment will be considered as paid in full and no claim will be filed to your insurance carrier.

Q: I’m covered by an insurance plan; why did I get a bill?
A: You may be responsible for a deductible, co-payment or balance because your plan does not cover 100% of the charges. Please check the explanation of member benefit report from your insurance provider for an explanation for the amount that is owed.

Q: I paid at the time of service, why am I getting a bill?
A: An additional test may have been ordered by your physician and/or based on your lab results from the original tests ordered:

Q: Why are my two (2) insurance carriers denying my claim?
A: Please contact your insurance carriers to resolve dual coverage benefit and primary plan.

Q: What is the balance owed for this accession?
A: This information is located on the bottom right hand portion of your statement in the AMOUNT DUE box. If you believe that you have already paid an amount due but continue to receive statements for that accession, please contact our Billing Department.

Q: I’ve visited DLS more than once in the past months, how can I pay the total amount due for all my visits?
A: One of our Patient Service Representatives would be pleased to assist you in location all open accessions. Please call our Billing Department.

Q: How do I get a refund?
A: If you are aware of a duplicate payment and have not received a refund, please call us at (808) 589-5102, Neighbor Islands: (1-800) 655-4176, or Outside of Hawaii: (1-800) 555-2257.

Q: What insurance companies participate with DLS? How do I find out if mine is one of them?
A: For a list of Participating Insurance Providers, please refer to Participating Health Insurance Plans listed above. If your health plan is not listed, please contact your insurance carrier to verify participation.

Q: Why does DLS always ask for my insurance card?
A: Verification of your insurance information is required so we can continue to provide customers excellent service and accurate processing of your insurance claim.

Q: How do I get my test results?
A: Please contact your ordering physician for your laboratory results or visit one of our DLS locations.

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