What is Veri-5

Veri 5 Product

Veri-5 is a personal drug screen collection kit that can be used confidentially in your own home. Collect a urine specimen, in the provided container with a confidential PIN number, and drop it off at the closest DLS satellite lab for accurate and confidential testing. Call 589-5282 the next workday morning, provide your PIN number and receive the results confidentially over the phone.

  • Use for a personal drug test or to test a family member. Veri-5 tests for five popular street drugs: amphetamines “crystal meth” or “ice”, cocaine, marijuana, opiates and PCP.
  • Provides you accurate laboratory drug testing without a physician request.
  • Have an experienced laboratory run your test. No kit to figure out, interpret, and wonder if the test is accurate.
  • Results given by confidential PIN number over the phone.

NOTE: Veri-5 results are not intended for medical, workplace or law enforcement purposes.

Veri-5 is available at all DLS Satellite Locations.

Questions? Read the Veri-5 FAQs