Do You Need a Drug Test?

There are different types of drug tests that are available from Diagnostic Laboratory Services. Please choose from the following questions to select the appropriate test:

Are you an employer that needs to drug test an employee today? Will your company need less than 10 tests a year? Print cash collection form

  • Does your company have a Drug Free Workplace policy and are interested in having drug tests performed through out the year? Yes
  • Has a court ordered you to take a drug test? Yes
  • Is this a personal drug test (street drugs) for yourself or a family member? Yes
  • Do you need a drug test for the Coast Guard? Yes
  • Do you need a drug test as a CDL driver (Dept of Transportation or DOT)? Yes
  • Do you need a breath alcohol test? Yes

If you are concerned about a family member that may be abusing either illegal or prescription drugs, please consult your family physician.