COVID Collection

Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS) is proud to be named as a Trusted Testing Partner for the state of Hawaii. Currently, the majority of our COVID-19 testing resources are utilized for medical testing and screening for patient care such as preoperative procedures. To be included on the Trusted Testing Partner list allows our patients to use DLS COVID-19 test results to travel freely between the Hawaiian Islands for the medical care that they require. Our mission is to care for our patients first and provide the best healthcare services possible.

As we expand our COVID-19 testing capacity in the near future, DLS will open our doors for our Kama‘aina community and visitors to our state for all their travel testing needs.

DLS COVID-19 Testing for Travel FAQ’s

Q: Can I go to a DLS location for COVID-19 collection / testing.
A: Currently No. You will need to consult your physician.